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Register with ALERT MARIN and NIXLE Marin County to receive EMERGENCY ALERTS on your phones




Getting Ready for Disaster

Visit to plan ahead for disasters from fire to earthquake to flooding, and more.

FIRESafe MARIN is dedicated to reducing wildfire hazards and improving fire-safety awareness in Marin County.

Make a Defensible Space around your home to improve your home's chance of surviving a wildfire.

Read and understand information on WILDFIRE EVACUATION at FIRESafe MARIN!

Living in Quake Country - "Sunset Magazine's" guide for earthquake preparedness.

Visit for strategies Financial Preparedness strategies.


Emergency Kit

Each family member should have a Grab & Go Bag packed and ready to go. Your Evacuation Backpack contains those things you want to take with you to help keep you and your family safe during an evacuation. Get an Evacuation Checklist at FIRESafe MARIN (PDF).

An extended Grab & Go list and planning can be found at FIRESafe MARIN.

See the American Red Cross website to purchase Emergency Preparedness Supplies.


Mobile APPs to download

Download wildfire Mobile Apps for Emergencies.

Red Cross has more free Apps to download to your mobile phone.

In the event of a disaster you may be on your own for 5-7 days. READYmarin provides information and training to keep you and your family safe, warm, and fed in the event of a disaster.


Printable check lists, tips & APPs for emergency prep

Preparing Your Family for an Emergency (PDF)

Family Communications Plan (PDF)

Tips for Preparing Children (PDF)

Tips for the Elderly (PDF)

Tips for the Physically Challenged (PDF)

Tips for Pet Owners (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Calendar Checklist (PDF)





CPR Tips to increase patient survivability - ParamedicTV (video)

Pocket CPR Guides - Printable, iPhone & Android Apps


First Aid

Mayo Clinic Medical First Aid Information

Kids Health & Safety

American Red Cross Travel First Aid Kit



Marin County Community Emergency Response Training (C.E.R.T.) Information & Training







Muir Beach Disaster Plan

Muir Beach Residents' Household Registry & Disaster Information

The Muir Beach Residents' Household Registery is being updated and will be available for residents soon. This Household Registry provides the information necessary to ensure that the Muir Beach community, its Volunteer Fire Department and other responders are prepared to take action knowledgably and effectively to everything from individual emergencies to regional disasters. It helps the community understand and organize the skills, equipment and supplies available. It has been completed by nearly everyone in the Muir Beach Area, and is provided to all new residents.

Muir Beach Neighborhood Liaison/Community Coordinator/Disaster Council Contacts (PDF)

Muir Beach Area Emergency/Disaster Contingency Plan (PDF)

Disaster Supplies Kit (PDF)

Muir Beach Area Disaster Council Recommended Food Supplies (PDF)

Muir Beach Residents: Neighbors will be checking your house to be sure you're safe. If you're safe and do not need help, hang a towel at the street.

I'm Safe Sign
A Towel Hung Near Your Entrance Indicates You're Safe and Need No Help



Marin County Emergency Resources

Marin County Office of Emergency Preparedness

Marin County Schools Emergency Preparedness Services












Please Support MBVFD

Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department is 100% volunteer. That means ALL donations go DIRECTLY towards keeping our volunteer firefighters well trained and equipped. Thanks for your support.


When you shop at AmazonSmile Muir Beach Fire will receive a donation of 0.5% of your purchase from Amazon!

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