Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department
Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department


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MBVFD is 100% volunteer. That means ALL donations
go DIRECTLY towards keeping our volunteer firefighers well trained and equipped. Thanks for your support.


9-1-1 calls from cell phones within the Muir Beach area are connected to a dispatch operator in the Central Valley who has no idea where Muir Beach is!

The number to call when using your cell phone for an incident in the Muir Beach area is 415-472-0911.
















Prepare Your
Disaster Kit

Assemble disaster supplies to be prepared and safe when disaster strikes.
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Getting Ready





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Emergency Kit

Ready Marin Website
Disaster Supplies Kit
Muir Beach Area Disaster Council Recommended Food Supplies
Emergency Preparedness Calendar Checklist
Financial Preparedness

We made it through the fire season without a burn, and the 2010 tsunami messed up Crescent City and Santa Cruz Harbor, but it missed Muir Beach. We may be good, but we sure are lucky. Every winter the storm window opens, creating the possibility of another corker like the winter when our neighbors at the bottom of Shoreline were flooded out of their homes.

The Muir Beach Area Emergency Preparedness Committee has been meeting regularly. Its members have contacted their neighbors to distribute emergency preparedness information and to complete the Household Registries. More than two-thirds of these Household Registries are now on file with their Neighborhood Liaisons, the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department and the Emergency Preparedness Committee. We are better prepared than most communities, but we still have a long way to go.

In addition to making sure that all of our Household Registries are complete and up-to-date, the Emergency Preparedness Committee strongly recommends that each and every household have appropriate first aid, emergency and food supplies to last at least a week. Please check out the Disaster Supplies Kit  and the Recommended Foods List for specific recommendations, and make sure that you, your family and your friends are prepared.  

If all this emergency preparation and purchasing of supplies seems like a bit much at once, please consider the attached Emergency Preparedness Calendar Checklist and break your emergency preparations and purchases into twenty-six weekly installments. To help make this as easy as possible, please check this website and/or your community bulletin board once a week and we’ll post that week’s emergency suggestions.

Finally, the Emergency Preparedness Committee also feels that first aid, CPR and Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) should also be a high priority for as many of our neighbors as possible. Accordingly, we periodically schedule first aid and CPR classses for the community. We’ll publish the details as they become available on this website.

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Muir Beach Residents' Household Registry Form

Muir Beach Residents, please download both pages of the Household Registry Form, fill them out, and put them in the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department mail box across from the Pelican Inn.

This Household Registry provides the information necessary to ensure that the Muir Beach community, its Volunteer Fire Department and other responders are prepared to take action knowledgably and effectively to everything from individual emergencies to regional disasters. It helps the community understand and organize the skills, equipment and supplies available. It has been completed by nearly everyone in the Muir Beach Area, and is provided to all new residents. If your Household Registry is not on file or needs to be updated, please download the attached Household Registry form and return it to the MBVFD Fire Chief Steve Wynn in the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department mail box.

Household Registry Form - Page 1 (PDF)
Household Registry Form - Page 2 (PDF)
(Be sure to download and complete BOTH pages)

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Preparing Your Family for an Emergency (PDF)

Family Communications Plan (PDF)

Tips for Preparing Children (PDF)

Tips for the Elderly (PDF)

Tips for the Physically Challenged (PDF)

Tips for Pet Owners (PDF)

Emergency Supplies Checklist (PDF)

Disaster Supplies Kit (PDF)

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Muir Beach Area Disaster Council

Muir Beach Neighborhood Liaison/Community Coordinator/Disaster Council Contacts (PDF)

Muir Beach Area Disaster Council: Definition and Tasks (PDF)

Muir Beach Area Emergency/Disaster Contingency Plan (PDF)

Organization and Structure Progression Guide (PDF)

Muir Beach Area Disaster Council Activation Chart (PDF)

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Marin County

Office of Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Assistance Resources in Marin

Marin County Schools Emergency Preparedness Services

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Community Emergency Response Training (C.E.R.T.)

Marin County C.E.R.T Information & Training

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First Aid

Mayo Clinic

Kids Health

Emergency Contact Sheet for Parents and Caregivers

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Read an article on basic life support and emergency CPR by Medical Trainer David Patterson

Learn CPR: You Can Do it!

CPR Tips to increase patient survivability (video)

Pocket CPR Guides - Printable, iPhone & Android Apps

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Earthquake Preparedness

Getting Ready for the Big One - Sunset Magazines complete guide (PDF)

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources Environmental Health & Safety
General Earthquake Safety (PDF)

How to Secure Your Furniture (PDF)

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Retrofitting Your Home

Why Bother to Retrofit Your Home

ABAG Home Quake Safety Toolkit

Plant fire resistant plants around your home - see this detailed list of firewise plants.

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Fire Safe Home

Make Your Home Fire Safe (PDF)

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Water and Food Kit

Emergency Supplies Checklist (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Calendar (PDF)

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First Aid Kit

Assemble a first aid kit for your home and one for each car.

Non-Prescription Drugs

American Red Cross Mobile Apps

American Red Cross First Aid Kit

American Red Cross Survival Kit

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County & State Emergency Links

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