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Muir Beach firefighters are a diverse group of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and vocations. They embody the essence of what makes Muir Beach great; the spirit of community, the willingness to step up and volunteer, and the desire to help others with no expectation for reward other than knowing that their actions make a difference.

Training closely with Marin County Firefighters at the Throckmorton station, Muir Beach Firefighters are required, at a minimum, to hold and maintain an E.M.R (Emergency Medical Responder) and State Volunteer Firefighter certificate.

Included within this dedicated group of volunteers are E.M.T.s (Emergency Medical Technician) and a Physician. The result is a highly skilled group of unpaid experts who respond to a full range of emergency situations, including:

  • Structure, vehicle and wildland fires
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Medical emergencies
  • Beach and trail rescue
  • Managing helicopter landing zones
  • Flood rescue
  • Landslides
  • Downed trees and power lines

Wildfire Panoramic Hwy June 9, 2019

Watch Video: Wildfire Mill Valley, CA 6/9/19


Highway 1 Rescue
Beach Helicopter Rescue

In addition to the tremendous amount of time and effort each volunteer gives towards training and providing emergency services 24/7, the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department also provides various community services and educational programs to the residents of Muir Beach such as:

  • First aid
  • Fire extinguisher instruction and servicing
  • Water safety
  • Community emergency preparedness,
  • Fuel abatement program

Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Extinguisher Training


Hose Training
Hose Training


Hwy 1 Rescue
Highway 1 Accident Rescue


Training with Southern Marin Fire
Training with Southern Marin Fire


Giving Through Youth Video
The West Marin Fund’s Giving Through Youth program encourages community service and philanthropy among young people by engaging them in decision-making on the distribution of grant dollars.

Pt. Reyes teen, Diego Chavarria, chose the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department to receive a grant because he appreciates how the Muir Beach firefighters help people through volunteering their time and expertise. Watch the video about Diego’s visit to meet the firefighters who received his grant.


  • Rob Allen (EMT) - Assistant Chief
  • Maurice Conti (EMR)
  • Brad Eigsti (EMR)
  • Chris Gove (EMR) - Chief
  • Sandor Hatvany (EMR)
  • Sefton Murray (EMR)
  • Jonathan Rauh (EMR)
  • Elena Sanchez-Corea
  • Brady Stockwell (EMR)
  • David Taylor (MD, EMR)


  • Adrianna Bender
  • Chris Bender

* Emergency Medical Technician = EMT
* Emergency Medical Responder = EMR

Rob Allen

Maurice Conti

Brad Eigsti

Chris Gove

Sefton Murray

Jon Rauh

Elena Sanchez-Corea


Brady Stockwell


David Taylor


Chief Chris Gove
Chris Gove, Chief

Asst. Chief, Rob Allen
Rob Allen, Assistant Chief

Chris Bender, Intern
Chris Bender, Intern

Adrianna Bender, Intern
Adrianna Bender, Intern


MBVFD Firefighters




The Association supports the Volunteer Fire Department through fundraising to pay for the VFD’s operations and for purchasing emergency response equipment, and by helping coordinate the community’s emergency preparedness activities. Its money-raising efforts include the annual Muir Beach Firemen’s BBQ as well as grant writing.

The Association's Board of Directors:

  • Lisa Eigsti
  • Michael Kaufman (Vice President)
  • Debra Ketchum (Secretary)
  • Brenda Kohn
  • Denise Lamott (President)
  • Ellen Litwiller
  • Frank Schoenfeld (Treasurer)
  • Nina Vincent


MBVFA Fundraiser BBQ
MBVFA Annual BBQ Fundraiser

Please Support MBVFD

Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department is 100% volunteer. That means ALL donations go DIRECTLY towards keeping our volunteer firefighters well trained and equipped. Thanks for your support.


When you shop at AmazonSmile Muir Beach Fire will receive a donation of 0.5% of your purchase from Amazon!

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